Dark Souls 3. You will die a thousand times! Be very afraid.

Dark Souls 3 is one of the greatest games ever created. There! I said it! It is just absolutely amazing. Lots of people think that Dark Souls 1 is the best game of the Dark Souls series. I think that those people are smoking some shit. Dark Souls 1 is a great game and I am not taking anything away from it but it is definitely not the best Dark Souls game. Ok. Now that we have established that Dark Souls 3 is the best Souls game I just want to touch on how awesome the series is as a whole. In short, I think that it is the best video game series ever created. I really liked the Neverwinter Nights games and the Elder Scrolls games. I think the main reason why I put dark souls ahead of those games is because of how fucking hard it is LOL! Also, the replayability of the Dark Souls is games is second to none. I don’t even know how much of my time I have invested into the Dark Souls franchise but I can tell it is a shit ton. It is so much fun to create new characters and develop creative builds to smash your enemies and hear the lamentations of women. Just joking about hearing the lamentations of women that is a quote from Conan the Barbarian the movie. It is a funny ridiculous line but in the #metoo era there is some truth to it because women deserve to be heard LOL. Dark Souls 3 has created a huge network of people who are obsessed with the series. These people play countless hours, hack into the game and create new armor, fight each other, spend hours creating new characters just to beat someone in a death match etc. Dark Souls 3 was the last installment of the souls series. Will it be the final? Who knows. The lead developer/creator of the game says that it is but things can change of course.

Dark Souls 3 starting out.

If you have never played Dark Souls 3 before I suggest you start out with the knight class. Why you ask, because you are going to die a shit ton. The game is just very fucking hard. Which makes it quite enjoyable! The knight class is the strongest class starting out. I always suggest picking the sovereignless soul as your starting gift. There is nothing like having an extra 2000 souls when starting out the game. Muy importante! The knight starts out with a beautiful set of armor which will last you the entire game if you want. A long sword which is a really good weapon surprisingly and a shield which blocks one hundred percent of damage. Having a shield that blocks one hundred percent of damage is great fucking news considering you are going to get hit a shit ton. You start the game in an abandoned grave yard  LOL! What ambiance! The first area is pretty easy. The first boss might be kind of challenging for a new player but you will get the hang after dying a thousand times muahahahaha!

So let’s get into the nitty gritty. What is Dark Souls 3 all about? What the fuck is up with all the zombies everywhere? Why do all the enemies re-spawn when you die or rest at a bonfire? What made all this happen? It’s like that one show The Walking Dead but in medieval times on acid with lots of dying. This is important shit. For a very long time I didn’t care about any of these details, I just knew that the game was badass freaking ass. So here we go. In the beginning the world was without form and ruled by the everlasting stone dragons. And then there was the fire and when the fire came it brought disparity. This fire was called the first flame and with it brought the mighty lord souls. Not quite sure who the mighty lord souls are but the sound like some pretty intense folk. Just kidding! Everybody knows who the mighty lord souls are….They were found by four beings: Nito First of the Dead, the Witch of Izalith, the Furtive Pygmy and last but not least Gwynn the Lord of Light. Nito, Gywnn and the Witch fought with everlasting dragons for dominion over the world. They won the battle over the everlasting dragons and made a mighty kingdom called Lordran. This kingdom was great and mighty for sometime but nothing lasts forever. Just like the age of ancients great times always fall back into darkness.


Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 story.

Just like when the first flame erupted it began to fade. With the fading of the flame came the unwanted. Undead ghastly horrors began to populate the land. These undead where everlasting. (This explains why every time you rest at a bonfire the enemies respawn). As time wears on the undead become more and more insane. With each passing year the undead become more and more hollow. (This explains why the undead are ugly as shit and attack you with such ferocity). With Gwynn’s kingdom coming to end he devised a plan to reinvigorate the first flame to wipe the undead scourge from the land. His plan was to use himself and his remaining lords souls to reignite the first flame to it’s former glory to extend his rule over the kingdom along with his children. Gwynn executed his plan and the age of fire was extended for a time but his solution for the fading fire was only temporary unfortunately. A new plan needed to be devised. Enter you. The player, the chosen undead. Your fate as the player is to succeed lord Gwynn. Your mission should you choose to accept it haha, is to link the fire and cast away the dark to break the curse of the undead with the promise of becoming a great lord. But, alas the chosen undead was manipulated into killing the other great lords in order to collect their souls and the remaining soul of Gwynn himself. These souls were collected to be used for the kindling of the first flame. Thus first undead extended the age of fire by relighting the first flame. However, one of the main caveats to extending the age of fire was, you guessed it, self-immolation. So here is kind of how it works. The more you die the more you become like zombie or another words more hollow. To become human again you must use an ember i.e. self-immolation. Get it. Good.

Wow! The story of dark souls is a dusie.

Side note, it would have been cool if the game designers made it to were if you died too many times without taking an ember your game just ended and you had to start over. You know, because you were just full on fucking zombie. Moving on, so there were cycles where the fire would begin to fade and another chosen undead was sent to re-kindle the first flame. Thus, Dark Souls 1, Dark Souls 2 and finally Dark Souls 3. The chosen undead is tested every cycle to be worthy of becoming a lord of cinder. You become a lord of cinder whenever you defeat the last boss of each game.That is the basic story of the dark souls series. There are videos on youtube that go on for thirty minutes talking about the story of Dark Souls 3 but you guys got the general idea. I will post one of these videos below so you can watch it if you want.  I am going to try to sum up the entire story in one sentence. It’s going to be hilarious! This flame got put out so zombies came, your dead and you have to kill a whole bunch of people to re-light the flame! Haha!

Dark souls 3 combat.

Now comes the fun part let’s talk about combat and kicking the shit out of some fucking flesh eating zombies. Be warned! You are going to die. You are going to die a lot. Like I mentioned before, if you have never played this game I suggest you start out with knight. The knight starts out with the best armor and the best shield. You need a good shield that blocks 100 percent of damage if you are newbie. You are going to blocking a lot. Blocking, is pretty simple you just hold your shield up and block attacks. My favorite move is to hold my up shield while circling around behind the enemy to backstab them. Baskstabbing is simple, you just circle around the enemy behind them and attack. Parrying is another mechanic that you can do, I hardly ever do it though because it is difficult to time. One note, to parry you must have a shield that allows for parrying. If you do pull off a parry you can do what is called a re-post, which is basically like a backstab but from the front. Dodging/rolling, this mechanic is amazingly awesome. I use this defensive tactic the most. Trust me you are going to be doing a shit ton of rolling. Rolling is a great way to get behind enemies and backstab them. Blocking is great but whenever you block it stuns you for a second. With rolling you can dodge an attack and move directly into attacking your enemy. Let’s talk about stamina. Stamina is very important. You need stamina to: cast spells, attack, block, roll etc. If you run out of stamina when trying to attack your fucked. If you run out of stamina when trying to block you will got stunned big time. Anyways you get it. It is good to have a lot of stamina. I usually cap mine out at about 25. Fp is used for casting spells and all special abilities. Fp does not regenerate on it’s own so you must drink an ashen estus to replenish it. The amount of fp you have depends your attunement. If you are primarily basing your character on melee combat fp is not as important.

Dark Souls 3 spellcasters.

If you are going to be a spell caster it is super important obviously. You should have anywhere from 23 to 28 attunement to be a badass spell dude or dudet. Being a spellcaster is a bit different strategy wise in the dark souls 3 universe. Generally, you want to  stay a bit further away from your enemies because you are not as strong up close. My favorite spell caster is the pyromancer. Don’t worry there are gems to upgrade your weapons based on intelligence and faith. Using these gems to upgrade your weapons is a must because you want to be able to hit really hard. To sum it up, learning how to fight effectively in this game is some prime time shit because that is mostly what you are going to do as the chosen undead.

Here is a video from my youtube channel from my Dark Souls 3 faith build walkthrough.

Why you should play Dark Souls 3.

And now the fantastic summary of why should you play Dark Souls 3! First off, it is just great game. So addicting and the replayability is off the charts. I have spent countless hours playing Dark Souls 3. I have tried almost every build, I have created specialty builds. The only thing that I have not done too much of is pvp. I imagine it is pretty fun but I never got around to it. The graphics are great! One of things that I noticed when I first started playing Dark Souls 3 was the attention to detail. I mean, when you walk up stairs it actually shows your leg bending and one foot on one stair and one foot another. I know that seems minor but it just shows the commitment to creating a great experience on the part of the designers. The creators of dark souls 3 came out with two dlc’s both are great in my humble opinion. There are lots of cool items in these new dlc’s and spells, totally worth playing. Dark Souls 3 has created a horde of players that swear by the game which includes me, we might actually kill you in real life if you say anything bad about Dark Souls 3. LOL!

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Dark Souls 3. You will die a thousand times! Be very afraid.

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