The transgender monologues.

“It’s dude, oh wait maybe that is chick. Wait a second nah maybe that is a dude. Wait, it’s wearing a fucking dress so it’s got to be a chick right? But, it also has a beard. Shit I am totally confused.” Have you ever found yourself saying this nowadays? Well, you are probably not the only one? Take a look a the picture below. What do you see? It’s obviously three dudes dressed up like chicks. But why? What is up the whole transgender thing? That is what we are going to delve into in this piece.

Uh Beavis, that is obviously three dudes.

So how in the hell are we in the position today where people can look at the three individuals above and pretend that they are in fact women? It’s crazy actually. But, before we get into the reasons why I am going to tell you about some first hand experiences I have had talking about transgender people and to transgender people.

The “I am not dude incident”

So it goes like this. I am at a company Christmas party for this part time job that I have. At one point there is like five of us standing around in a circle talking. I introduce myself to one of the “guys” standing there that I had not met. I said to him “Hey what is up dude?” Little did I know DA DA DA! He was a transgender little shit! The transgendered one did not hesitate one second in correcting me. Transboy said in a really faggy indignant voice “Uh excuse me I am not dude. I am transgender. I identify as a non-binary.” My response “Alright dude.” The funniest part about the whole situation was the way the guy looked. He was dressed pretty normal, nothing out of the ordinary. How in the hell was I supposed to know he was transgender?

The bearded ladies at a bar incident.

So I am at this bar in Austin called Barbarellas. On Tuesday they have a night called Tuesgays. I bet you can guess what this night is all about. This is the night where all the gay and tranny people get to come out and strut their stuff. Now, I don’t mind being around people like this at all as long as they can take a joke and not be overly sensitive. I know, I know, super high bar. I like going on Tuesdays sometimes because there are usually some pretty good looking girls and it is the only thing happening on a Tuesday night. Anyways, I see group of especially strange looking people. They had beards and were wearing makeup. Also, they were wearing a combination of men’s and women’s clothing. I got tell you, it looked really fucking odd.

Holy shit that’s disgusting!

So I walked up and proceeded to have the most unintelligible conversation I have had in my entire life. It basically consisted of me asking questions and them giving super odd responses. I remember clearly saying to one of them “This is the part where you ask me questions, it’s called a conversation.” The response, the blankest stare ever. It was crazy! And then I asked the worst question you can ask a trans person. “What do I call you people?” They all gave me dirty looks and scattered immediately. To be honest, I was not trying to offend them. I just wanted to know what they liked to be called. I supposed it doesn’t take too much to upset people who are so insecure they can’t even decide what gender they were born. As if this is something you can decide.

The car conversation.

I drive for uber and lyft whenever I am not being a professional writer. One night I gave a ride to 3 people, 2 guys and 1 girl. We got in a conversation about gender and the transgender agenda. It wasn’t a very long conversation but on thing that the girl in the car said really stuck out to me. She said something like this: You know gender is a serious thing if you are not happy with the gender you are, you should be able to change it. Of course something like this would come from a woman. I bet you think I am sexist for saying something like this…Ah, well who cares! Now, I am not implying that something like this wouldn’t come from a man as well. Because a lot of men have gone full on loon bag nowadays. I am just saying it is more likely to come from a woman.

Let’s pick apart the statement she made. If you can just change your gender; why can’t you change your age or race or height? I really don’t think we need to go much further than that. I know a lot of picking aparting was promised but the question I asked alone will suffice because it cuts through all the red tape and bullshit.

What is all this transgender shit all about?

The first thing that I think it is, it’s trendy. In high school, I had three Mohawks and I would wear the same clothing almost everyday. What did my attire consist of you ask? Green shorts with band patches, a grey hoodie with band patches and band shirts. That is what being punk in high school was all about. It was a way of dressing and acting. It also came with an ideology. The ideology was to say fuck you to: the system, authority and established norms. Punks wanted to be different and wore it like a badge of honor. When I see dudes with beards wearing dresses and having a certain set of beliefs that are against a lot of established norms, I see some correlation between the two movements. In the 90’s you rebelled by having weird clothing and strange hair. In 2019 you rebel by cutting off your dick and donning a pair of tits.

A band called The Casualities.

Secondly, the left is all about defending the under the represented and minorities. The transgender community is perfect for the left to love. The transgender movement is bolstered and spread with an authoritarian demand. Just like the situation with the guy at the party I described earlier in this piece. It is demanded that you fall in line and subscribe to all the tenants of the transgender movement. People on the right mostly take the libertarian approach to someone who is transgender. It goes something like this; You can do whatever you want to your body but don’t it get twisted you are a biological male or a biological female. The right will even call you by your new tranny name but they will never pretend that the pronoun of the opposite sex belongs to the newly transitioned or transitioning person. Whenever a feminist is banned from twitter for saying “Men aren’t women” you can safely assume that the left is out of control with the hole transgender thing.

Thirdly, the left hates traditionally masculinity. There is a definitive movement on the left to change what it means to be a man. Unfortunately for the transgender loving left this means they will continually lose until this changes. Why you ask….two reasons. Number one, main stream left wing people think that there is a biological difference between men and woman. Number two, people want and respect strong leaders. There is nothing strong about wearing a wig and pretending you have a vagina.

For the left, “toxic masculinity” is a huge problem. An epidemic catastrophic issue that might end the world as we know it. The main problem with the term “toxic masculinity” is it’s regular run in the mill masculinity that they are really after. They are just relabeling it as toxic. Many on the left think that boys need to act more like girls. This is something that the left is actively trying make this happen. They want men to act more like women. Is there a better way to accomplish this goal than getting men to turn themselves into women and normalizing it among the left? Nope. It is actually pretty smart of them if you think about it. So what is the real reason they are doing all of this stuff? My opinion, votes. Most self-determined masculine men are not going to vote for the modern left. Woke men are bitches who supplicate to the cause de jeur and prostrate themselves ass in the air and head in the sand to be fucked by the limped dick hegemonic dictum of social justice.

The censorious nature of the transgender loving left.

When the transgender loving left demands that people who believe that there is a biological difference between men and women be censored, we got issues folks. Twitter believes that there is no difference between male and female. They believe you can be whatever gender you want. If you violate this belief system they will kick you off their platform. Twitter claims that they are a platform and not a publisher. They also claim that they are neutral and have no bias. However, when you kick conservatives and others off of your platform for having a different perspective about the transgender issue…you most certainly are not neutral. Below is a very good discussion about this on the Joe Rogan podcast.

Tim Pool giving the business

The dangers of transitioning.

Walt Heyer

Walt Heyer used to be a transgender woman named Lora Jensen. He runs a website called He de-transitioned from being a transgender woman over 25 years ago. On his website you can find: support, information about the damages of transitioning and assisting people who want to de-transition. Walt has done his research and he also has first hand knowledge about this issue. Walt talks about how up to 20 percent of people who transition regret it. Also, more than 40 percent of people who transition attempt suicide after the operation. Both of these things are proven by research.

Here some other things that you can find on his website:

  • A study done at the University of Rome shows that transgender people have normal Y chromosomes. The SRY is the main sex determining gene; transsexual people do not have one smidgen of abnormality in that gene. Here is a link to the study Click Here.
  • Lots of people who think that they are transgender were abused as children. This creates their gender distress. Instead of transitioning, Walt thinks people should get psychological help to heal that trauma.
  • He also states that the law is on your side when you want to transition back.

Walt Heyer has written six books on the subject and you can find them on amazon.

Transgender athletes competing in sports.

Shit! I never seen on a tranny run so fast.

Above is picture of a trans athlete by the name of Andraya Yearwood. To be clear; this is a man competing against women. On a side note, Fast Tranny did win the race above. Is this fair? Where are all the feminists on this one? Well, about half of feminists think that is intolerable and should be rectified immediately. The other half of feminists think that this is great. The feminists who like this shit are called inter-sectional feminists. Now, I do not have the time in this piece to get into what all the machinations of being an inter-sectional feminist are but I can tell you it is fucking CRAZY!!

Let’s get into why it is not fair for biological men to be competing against women. A man’s body is different than a female’s body. All these differences add up to an advantage in most things physical.

Here are the differences:

  • Women are shorter.
  • Male bones are stronger and bigger.
  • Men have bigger heads and longer arms and legs.
  • Men are 40 to 50 percent muscle by weight. Women are 30 to 35 percent muscle by weight.
  • Men’s muscles are more solid.
  • Men have a massive upper body strength advantage.
  • Men also have a lower body strength advantage.

I did not put the list above to say that men are better than women. It does show however that men and women are different. Here is a link to the list click here.

Here is a video of Joe Rogan talking about transgender women competing in the UFC.

Joe talking about trans athletes.

In closing, I think that if you want to transition into the opposite sex go for it but you as a transgender person have no right to get people to accept it in an authoritarian way. You do not have the right to command people to call you by your desired pronoun. People who want to transition should also be made aware of all the dangers and assisted in exploring other options. This is something that should not be forced on children by “caring” adults. Also, if you are a tranny I would totally hang out with as long as you are not a total bitch and can take jokes.

Read another piece on the main stream and Trump here

The transgender monologues.

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