Sorry figs, no one cares you are gay!

I know this may be controversial and will cause thousands of authoritarian liberal gay activists to shriek in absolute terror but no one cares your gay. Being gay is not some amazing thing that needs to be celebrated and put on a pedestal that is shaped like a dick. We do not need to pay homage to the rainbow gayness of Robby Fufu with his pink g string and his penis openly flopping everywhere. I think this is gross! Think I am overstating Robby Fufu and his member getting crazy? Go to a gay pride parade and you will see exactly what I am talking about. Face it figs no on cares you are gay anymore!

I hope everybody is still with me. I am sure if any gay activist is still reading this you might have had a heart attack already. Do me quick favor and get one of your pixie prancing fairy dust mother fuckers to check your pulse because I want you to live. Continuing on, your sexuality should not be such a major part of your ego or personality. It’s who you have sex with, who fucking cares. Why is this so important that you have to devote and entire month to bedroom antics? I see activists making the tried and true ridiculous argument that goes something like this: Well, well gays have the to right to exist. Of course they do! No one is making that argument gaytard. We are just saying, we don’t care where you stick your wang. That is all. We can be friends be and I respect you as an individual and your right to free expression. But if being gay is the entirety of personality. If that is all you want to talk about you can go fuck yourself. You are fucking person just like everybody else. You do not deserve five stars because you suck cock!

So how did we get to the point were it is almost like a religious cult? In fact it’s the gay inquisition. We are heading towards a reality where if you do not shout for joy with fiber of your being to celebrate homosexuality you will be flogged by a tranny with a pink whip.

You think this standard is only being set for for gactivists? Gactivists: A queer activist that demands that you buy in wholly to the queer agenda. In the future this standard will also be set for trannies. This is coming, so beware, you must suck the cock of a tranny and if you don’t you are a bigot. After all there is nothing better than pulling down the panties of a “woman” and being confronted by a monstrous cock staring you right in the face. Now I know that most of these people can be spotted a mile way but technology has gotten better. So you will have to be on your guard. Best thing to do before you get heavily invested into someone you are not sure about is to punch them in the crouch area and see how they react.

We continue on after giving a brief interlude into forced fellatio for unsavory individuals. The question remains how did we get to this point? Well, there is a variety of reasons but we will just focus on a couple of them. At one point homosexuals we treaty unfairly in this country and that is a fact. Here some of the specific ways that they were treated unfairly: the gays were not allowed to get married, they were fired specifically because they were gay, they were not given jobs because they were gay, they were beaten up because they were gay. I am sure there are other ways in which they were mistreated but I just wanted to name a few. Also, I am not sure to what degree these things were happening but they did happen. A gactivist would tell you that it was happening all the time and that literally gay people were fighting for their right to live. They would tell this because it fits their narrative.

Now, we arrive at the main point of why this is occurring. What does an activist movement do when they have achieved their agenda? Make shit up. Yup! That’s it. They make up problems, paper tigers to fight etc. If there are no more problems, no more hurdles that the Gactivist community has to jump over then they have to make some up because if they don’t there is no more money. There is not one right today that a straight person has that gay person doesn’t and that is a fact.

Tons and tons of money has been thrown at gay people getting equal rights under the law for years and years. If organization want to continue to receive this money there has to be, whether real or imagined discrimination against homosexuals. I would say that it is imagined and these people are just victims. They need to shut up and suck a dick! This is very necessary because you can’t scream, cry and yell with a dick in your mouth. Mark my words if popular opinion ever reaches the level where people are saying “Dude shut the fuck up, you have equal rights. Quit your bitching.” Then the money will stop flowing and it is starting to happen now. USA today put out a poll showing that people from the ages of 18 to 34 year are %8 percent less open to interacting with someone from the LGBTQ community. The drop in percentage went down in 2017. Here is a link to that poll.

To be clear I do not think that the number went down because people are less open to the idea of homosexuals having equal rights under the law. I think people just look at the Gayzis and think that there are annoying. A Gayzi is a gay Nazi. Gayzis refer to the queer activists that get in your face and demand that you totally by into their agenda and while you are at it suck their member. If you don’t you are a bigot.

If this isn’t a gay Nazi I am not sure what is….

This agenda involves anybody in the queer community. So the term queer is kind of hard to define but I will do my best. It is an umbrella word to describe any sexual and gender minority. Basically anyone who is not heterosexual or cisgender.

The queer agenda is pretty simple to flush out. They want to deconstruct all social norms having to do with family, relationships, sex and gender. So these people want to destroy thousands of years of traditions just because they are butt hurt pussy bitches. That’s basically how it is, they feel like the can’t compete in society so they want to change it.

The saddest part about this whole dilemma is, it is not their fault. It’s parents, society and the educational system fault for giving them bad programming. These queer activists were not raised to respect traditional gender roles by parents and teachers who were not able to compete and are fucking salty about it. It is kind of sad when you think about it. Given a different upbringing these people would be fine. When a virus, a victim narrative takes hold in your mind it colors your whole perspective of the world in a negative light. That is why I think socialism is on the rise among young people because they view themselves as victims. I do not believe that any person that believes that they compete in the free market and in society would want anything to do with socialism. I am pretty sure that most of these queer activists are also socialists. They are also weak ass totalitarians. They can’t get want they want by themselves so they want the government to get it for them. One interesting thing about the socialists, I guarantee most of them hate Trump and he is the President. They don’t understand that socialism gives the President more power. So they are basically saying they want to give Trump more power. That’s hilarious!

Do the queer leftists seriously want to give a guy that approves super imposing his head over Rocky’s more power? This guy is unpredictably awesome at times! I say no out of principle. By the way I think it is hilarious how this triggered the left and so does Trump.

Speaking of these things that are hilarious. Why did the left lose their sense of humor. The gayzi’s have no sense of humor and they are moral authoritarians who want to brow beat you over off color comments and things that are actually funny. These people remind of the people in the eighties that were going crazy. They thought Satan was everywhere and in everything. They were religious authoritarian’s who had no fun. In a way the queer community is kind of like religion. They are very dogmatic about their ideas and some of their beliefs line up with things in religion. The idea of original sin, heresy and being missionaries. Don’t think so? Let me explain.

Original sin: This totally lines up with concept of privilege.

Heresy: This lines up with cancel culture and lambasting people for saying things that goes against their orthodoxy.

Being missionary: They try to convert people by shaming them and telling them how bad they are…I am not stating that this is what Christian missionaries do. What I am stating is, that it is their form of being a missionary.

Those look like some carpet munching fat hogs!

Let’s talk about some specific cases of the queer nazi’s getting super gay and demanding that you buy into their way of life. First, there is the case of one Jessica Yeniv. Jessica is a dude that dresses up like a chick. Jessica came to prominence by trying to force waxing salons in Canada to wax his dick and balls. Lot’s of these business refused to do so for obvious reasons. So he sued for discrimination. I seem to remember a certain Professor saying that people would use the passing of bill c16 for nefarious reasons. Now this case is not directly related to bill c16 but I am sure it made this thing Jessica believe he could win in court. Luckily, Yaniv did not win this case and the salon workers were not required to pay Jessica any money.

This thing is Jessica. Can you imagine being a woman and this bitch of dude demanding that you wax his member.?This is why more and more people are becoming less tolerant of people in the queer community.

Another example of the people in the queer community getting all uppity and demanding is the case of the Colorado baker. I am sure everyone has heard of this case. Basically, a gay couple wanted a baker in Colorado to make a specific cake for their wedding. The baker declined because it went against his Christian belief system but he offered to sell them a cake that already had been made in his shop. So the couple sued him for discrimination. The case went all the way to the supreme court and the baker won based on free speech and the first amendment. The baker is being sued again by some queer activists. Unfortunately, they just will not leave him alone.

Here is the utterly figgy couple that sued him. Boy don’t these two look like a couple of wholesome individuals?

What I see is a group individuals that demand that you accept their way of life wholly and if you don’t they will come for you. Bam! I have just thought of what to call this period of history. The gay inquisition! So what steps should you take in this period of time where if you don’t take the proverbial gay cock they will come for your cock. I would say to do the best you can about being honest. Sometimes you can’t though. In certain places throughout America if you mention anything negative about gay people trying to push their lifestyle on you then you might get fucked. Ummm let’s see…Losing your job, being sued, being attacked by weak ass figs. Just to name a few.

You have to weigh each situation that you are in and you got to know who you are talking to…You have to feel them out. My guess is they are lot of people who are against this authoritarian gayness. Polls are showing that the woke activists make up about 8 to 10 percent of the country. Twitter is not real life people. Do you know that only about 22 percent of Americans use twitter and half of those people are freaking weirdos. Let me reiterate, twitter is not real life.

In closing, if you are ever confronted by a pyscho gay nazi that demands that you take the cock or die. Tell him to go fuck himself!

Sorry figs, no one cares you are gay!

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