Russia Russia Russia you are very bad!

So I got some really bad news for you. Our President, the leader of the free world is an agent of Russia. That’s right! Since the 1980’s Donald J. Trump has been the puppet of Vladmir Putin. Trump has subverted our democracy by accepted money from Russia. He has also accepted help from the Russian intelligence state to help him get elected. That’s the narrative coming from the democratic party or at least it used it used to be. Now, they have kind moved on from that to other more sorted details of our President’s supposed miss dealings with nefarious characters.

Since the Mueller investigation ended with less than a mouse fart and their conspiracies theories failed. We now get to hear about: Ukraine, the President is mentally fading and of course the tried and true…..He’s a really mean bad racist bigot guy. Even though they kind of have moved on but not really from Russia. I want to take a look back at all the hysteria and where they will talk this Russia bullshit in the future. Because I know, it’s crazy to say this but no joke, they are still talking about Russia.

Russia conspiracy theorists get destroyed.

Before going on any further I just have posted some of favorite videos of people peddling Russia conspiracy nonsense being totally dismantled by people asking simple questions.

Adam Schiff getting absolutely taken a apart by Tucker Carlson.
The farter gets taken a part by Tucker Carlson.
This is my favorite one. Max Boot is retarded and gets treated as such by Tucker.

If you can watch these three interviews and still believe Russia is a thing. You are a fucking idiot!

Russia current events.

Before we get into the sorted past about all the Russia hysteria we are going to cover some current events because they just happened. So, the Iowa caucuses just ocurred and they were an absolute and total fiasco. What is the main reason everything fucked up? Uhhh because the democrats are so stupid. Yah, that’s about it! I really do think that Trump has gotten in their heads to such a degree that they can’t even think straight. This is basically what transpired, a company run by a lot of Hillary 2016 campaign employees built an app to count the votes and the app fucked up. Doesn’t look suspicious at all does it? Also, people that worked in the democratic party were caught assigning votes to other candidates that were initially supposed to go to Bernie. They could not get the vote straight that night and even though Mayor Pete was declared the winner there is still a lot of controversy over who actually won. I tell you all that to tell you this. Guess who some people in the democratic party blamed. If you guessed Russia! Russia! Russia! You would be right! It’s unbelievable?!

Here is one more semi current event for you. All this stuff with Ukraine and the phone call. Yup! All that was in some way supposed to benefit Russia. That’s the narrative among some people on the left. Who knows how withholding aid was supposed help Russia but that is the narrative. I guess they think that if you Ukraine had the aid the could have protected themselves better against Russia but that doesn’t help Russia. So who the hell knows. It’s just so dumb, thinking about it makes my brain hurt ever so slightly.

Funny Russia Stories

Now we are going to talk about some really funny stories that have to do with Russia! Russia! Russia! Enter the Thespian, the abdominal Adam Schiff or as The Orange Man likes to call him Little Pencil Neck Adam Schiff.

This is the guy that you saw previously in this article who got thrashed by Tucker.

So, the whole premise behind this Russia bullshit was that somehow the country which will not be named helped Trump win by providing dirt to his campaign about Hillary and flooding the internet with bots and other “things”. Well would you believe it if Schiff was willing to take dirt on Trump from the “reds”? He wanted to! It’s True! Some comedians called Schiff’s office and told him that they had naked pictures of Trump with some hookers in Russia. Here is thing though it was a gag! Complete fiction! Just to fuck with Schiff! It was hilarious. Of course, pencil neck wanted the pictures. Too bad, so sad, no pictures for you buddy. This story in particular just shows you how absurd the whole Russia stuff was…because the Thespian was ready, at the drop of a hat, to take pictures (dirt on Trump) from the very people who had supposedly subverted our democracy.

The next story is about Eric Swalwell A.K.A. known as “The Farter”. Why is he also known as “The Farter” you might ask…because on national TV when he was complaining about Russia! Russia! Russia’s! ability to cheat again for “The Orange Man” he farted. If you didn’t see it, you got to it, it’s hilarious! So funny! In fact, let me see if I can find a clip of it. I know that has got to be one youtube of it somewhere LOL!

Yup! Got it!

The farter and chief!

And now we come to the last story. For this we have to turn to the grand wizard of conspiracy theories. The one and only Rachel Maddow. On her show Rachel Maddow claimed that Russia! Russia! Russia! has the ability to conduct cyber attacks on our electrical infrastructure to disrupt elections in the future to benefit Trump. Now, I have no doubt that Russia has some type of capability to do this but for them to do it to effect our elections is just absurd.

The Russia people

The thing that is most insane about this Russia stuff is that there is a portion of the population that still believes that Russia effected our elections in such way to help get Trump elected. Despite how the Mueller report turned up jack shit they still believe it! How could this happen? How could all these people be totally brainwashed into believing this crap? Well, that’s what we are going to take a look at right now.

It’s the media stupid! Msm put on an amazing Russia! Russia! Russia! is evil campaign. The talked breathlessly about it for almost 3 years. I bet you they talked about so much that they even started to believe it. A lot of them have to know that it was fake and a hoax right? If you are in the media and you don’t know that all the Russia stuff was complete bullshit than you are not really a journalist. You are more of an activist trying to take down Trump.

I have covered in other posts about how the media is 92 percent democrat and about the same percentage of news coverage about Trump has been negative. So, if you are watching any MSM, than you believe that the Russia stuff is real. About 54 percent of Americans think that the news media is awful and they are right. My question is…why do the other 45 percent of people thing that the media does a good job. I have answer for that. Just thought of it as matter of fact. Look, it falls along party lines. Right now as a whole, the country leans a little bit to the right. Since about 45 percent of Americans like the media, it would mean that most of the people that like the media are democrats right? Because, MSM supports the democrats narrative about how the world is and how things are working.

What Russia thinks of us right now.

I have talked to a couple Russians face to face about all the Russia collusion stuff and it was kind of eye opening. Not only do they not understand what in the actual fuck is going on and why they have been blamed for something that they didn’t even really do, they are confused. Not because of lack of intellect or anything like that. It’s almost like “uhhh, we don’t really understand and we kind of pity you because you are so fucking crazy”. That thing! One Russian guy I talked was on an uber ride. He had just moved here from Russia to work for a new tech startup. I asked what most Russians thought of the 30 percent of Americans that believe Russia! Russia! Russia! He just laughed and said “They’re crazy”.

On another uber ride (I used to drive for uber) I asked a Russian girl what most Rooskies thought of Trump. She said most people in the country formerly known as the U.S.S.R think Trump is cool but she also said that most people in her motherland don’t care about politics that much.

Also, I saw an interview with Putin and he was totally just making fun of the Russia thing, it was kind of funny. There is just instance after instance of people I have met person and seen TV bashing Russia Gaters. Do these people not care about their self-image or credibility at all? Have they been duped? Or do they just love and hate Trump so much they say thing just to hurt him. It’s most likely a combination of all three. Wait a sec, bet you are wondering why they would love Trump…that’s easy he is good for business!

Will the democrats scapegoat Russia if or maybe I should when they lose in 2020?

Pretty sure the answer to that question is going to be a hard yes! I mean really they got nothing else. They have learned nothing in the past four years. There was no introspection. No, hmmm what did we do wrong? What could we have don better? No way, none of that shit. Just Russia, Russia, Russia and racism. Bill Maher had Steve Bannon on the other night and Steve curb stopped him. Maher just had no answers and he looked defeated. Maher did get him twice though when he mentioned the bailing out of the farmers and the deficit. You could see on Bannon’s face that those two pinged him. Here is the interview below.

Listen, if they haven’t learned anything in four years what makes you think they are going to figure out why they lost before the 2020 election. I don’t see it. It is shame too! It would be great for there to be a healthy counterpart to the Republican party. Unfortunately now there is not. I classify myself as a liberly populist independent with a couple of conservative views. Basically, I am an individual that strives to have unique thoughts. Having said all that. It would be nice to have another party to consider. Right now, I just can’t do it though. Democrats are crazy!

So as of right now what is 2020 looking like? Who will be the next President of the United States? Well, I personally think that The Big Bad Orange Man is going to spank the shit out of the Democrats. Right now it looks like the Democrats will have a brokered convention. I think Sanders will have the most delegates but the Democrats will cheat and give the nomination to Bloomberg. Bloomberg has basically bought his way into third place and he is gaining more and more an momentum.

Here is the lowdown on the whole Bernie Bloomberg situation. Bloomberg drastically increased stop and frisk in NYC which dis-proportionally targeted minorities and has said racist things to his employees. Also, he is just buying the Democrat party now. Democrats are going to get fucking spanked. Your options are a crazy socialist or a racist oligarch billionaire who is one of the richest white men in the world. It’s hilarious he is the Democrats standard bearer now. Utter rank hypocrisy.

For a party that purportedly believes that: billionaires, white men and “racists” are bad having Bloomberg as the chosen one of the establishment is ridiculous.

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Russia Russia Russia you are very bad!

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